Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Funny Posting

I don't know anyone who hasn't questioned the $16 million purchase last week of a Forestry colt. John from "The Race Is Not To The Swift" puts a lot into perspective as well as some funny name ideas.

What Did Demi O'Byrne Have for Lunch?



Alan H. said...

How about:

Can't see the Forestry for the trees

Not so Cool any More

My tallywacker is bigger than yours


Mohammed is cheap

Alan H. said...


"Magical Masquerade, whose 2-year-old Forestry colt sold for a world-record $16 million at the Fasig-Tipton Florida February sale, is back in foal to Forestry at Brandon and Diannah Perry's Paragon Farms near Lexington."

Smart breeders. Maybe the Sheik can purchase this one. Maybe he'll buy the whole farm to get his hands on it. Maybe he'll buy the State of Kentucky just to make sure he doesn't lose it.

John said...

Hi Guys

Thanks for linking to my post. I think Not so Cool any More is a great name for the colt. So welcome to the thoroughbred blogosphere. I will put a link to your blog on mine if you don't mind

Baloo said...


We would love a link off of your site. When we get our page togehter, we will definately have a link to your site!


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