Sunday, March 26, 2006

Great for the Sport

Deleware Onlinehas a nice article on apprentice jockey Maria Charles. Young jockeys like Charles and Maryland's Rosie Napravnik are great for the sport of horse racing. People love to cheer for the underdog. It is easy for the news media to grab onto a story about a good young jockey, especially if she is female. We can only hope that stories like this are being written everyday. As I have stated in previous posts, the sport needs to promote the success of the jockeys. These is very crucial for the success of the sport at tracks that may be sub par or ones that don't host million dollar cards.

The Bug Boys feel this is a nice story, but she is just a poor man's Rosie Napravnik! (JUST KIDDING) - Get well soon Maria!


Alan H. said...

Hey Baloo, at some point can you please write about a jockey that can legally have a drink? We've been part of the TBA for about 5 minutes and I think we're getting a rep for having a young female jockey fetish.

See you tomorrow at our regular viewing spot outside of the high school.

ruleof72 said...

I am also a big Maria Charles fan. Have watched her race at Phila. Park many times. Thanks for alerting me to Rosie Napravnik too. Haven't seen her race yet, but hope to soon. I know Maria broke her foot in what Delaware Online called a "freak starting gate accident". That's a shame. I hope she heals well and gets back racing soon.


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