Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Jockey's - The Ones I Watch

From reading other blogs, I have noticed that everyone follows the currently "great" jockeys. All I read about is Patrick Valenzuela, Victor Espinoza, Garrett Gomez, Dominges, Prado, etc. I wanted to take a moment to point out some other great jockeys.


David Cohen - He is a young, great jock. His numbers don't put him on the top of any list, but keep an eye out for this guy.

Matt Garcia - Has great potential, but does not get the great mounts that he deserves.


Jeremy Rose - It took his mounts on Afleet Alex for people to pay attention to him. Now that he is down at Gulfstream people are noticing what a great jockey this guy has become.


A. Rosie Napravnik - Still an apprentice, she is the top rider in Maryland. Mark my words....She will become the top female jockey of all time. I know these are huge shoes to fill, but I believe she is one of the most talented riders in the country. At age 18, she has a long career ahead of her, and the potential to be one of the greatest of all time.


Emilio Flores - At the current Penn National meet, this guy is in the money 50% of the time. Emilio has about 7 mounts a night, and not even 25% of them are favorites. I am assuming that he will be make a move to a bigger and better track shortly. Keep an eye out for him this summer at a new track.


Handride said...

Lezcano at Monmouth last year brough a lot of terrible horses into the money. Whenever he gets a live one, especially on grass, it's a no brainer. i'm happy to see him lighting up Tampa Bay and I think he might give Bravo a run for his money, moreso than Elliot that's for sure

Anonymous said...

Baloo, are you a jockey, ex-jockey, or jock agent? you certainly like to write alot about jockeys and techniques.

Baloo said...

No, I am not a jockey, ex-jock, or agent. If you cut me in half I would still have a little bit of trouble making weight. I am just a fan of the sport that appreciates the fact that these 105 lbs people are willing to ride on the back of a 1200 lbs animals at 35+ miles per hour.

jc said...

If you are in Maryland, don't forget Ryan Fogelsonger.


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