Saturday, March 04, 2006

Suspension will hurt racing

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The suspension of apprentice jockey Rosie Napravnik will hurt the already damaged racing industry in Maryland.
Napravnik was given a 5 day suspension for careless riding. 5 days for an apprentice? Come on, doesn't the title apprentice tell us that she is still learning. 5 days is a little steep.

Having Rosie take a week off is going to hurt the track attendance and wagering. Many people (the bug boys included) watch and wager on Rosie everyday. She is the top jock at Laurel, and the 18 year old has a great story. Because of her success, many people bet on her, no matter what the odds are on the horse. I know I may not pay as much attention this week.

Sign the petition today "Free Rosie" (just kidding)


Alan H. said...

I wonder if Javier Castellano will get suspended for almost taking out both First Samurai and Flashy Bull in the Fountain of Youth yesterday. Much bigger stakes than Rosie's mistake and I doubt he will be disciplined.

Maryland racing continues to shoot itself in the foot. Maybe if they marketed the jockeys and generated some interest they wouldn't have to whine about not having slots. They had 49,000 people at Santa Anita yesterday with no one-arm bandits to be seen.

I hope Rosie enjoys the much needed vacation. She will still win the riding title for the meet. This will just hurt her in the national standings. And I'm sure she will remember this incident when she is deciding whether to stay in Maryland or move on to Florida or Cali next year.

I'll set the opening line at 1-5 that her departure from MD beats the arrival of slots.

Baloo said...

Castellano said "he is an unexperienced horse". I wonder if Rosie tried to use that excuse.

Pjon10 said...
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Pjon10 said...

I think the suspension was a little more symbolic than you think, Rosie is extremely strong on the track, having witnessed her finishing consistanly in the money with her mounts on Presidents Day this past February, maybe some of the other jocks don't like getting beat by an 18 yr. old young lady, they probably complained to get her out for a little bit because she is an apprentice in order to get a shot at winning some scratch, the others jocks realize they have a serious competitor to contend with for many years to come.


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