Monday, May 15, 2006

Jockey Standings

Winningest North American jockeys this year through yesterday's races:

Rider Mts.1st2nd3rd Win%
a-Julien Leparoux 72620613585 28.4
a-Martin Garcia 53615112292 28.2
Russell Baze 496 13910778 28.0
a-Rosie Napravnik 590138 96 109 23.4
Ramon Dominguez 522 130 103 81 24.9
Eibar Coa 594 130 97 74 21.9
Rafael Bejarano 631 115 111 92 18.2
Edgar Paucar 563 107 96 87 19.0
Cornelio Velasquez 648 106 88 104 16.4
John Velazquez 366 104 61 42 28.4


Anonymous said...

I think those standings prove we have a new wave of riders to fill the void left by last years' legends retiring. 3 of the top 4 are apprentices that haven't been riding for long. I can't wait to see where they are headed in the future, my guess is the Hall of Fame.

suebroux said...

I appreciate your "jockey standings". Your numbers indicate that the apprentice jockeys should be whooping everyone's rump. Just remember, there is a weight allowance. And also remember, jockeys like John Velazquez and Ramon Dominguez and Rafael Bejarano (I like saying that one!) don't get the same caliber mounts, or competition, as Julien, Martin or Rosie. But holy cow ... do those three kiddos have some fantastic potential!

Anonymous said...

I'm only hoping that Julien's affair with married TVG host Michelle Yu doesn't end up messing with his concentration. He's got enormous potential, and to think he may be distracted by a woman, has me doubting his upcoming races in Texas and New York.

Anonymous said...

Leparoux is young, he still has plenty of mistakes to make. However, I agree with the affair comment. This isn't Hollywood, it's horseracing. Perhaps he may be looked down upon by some, if he keeps winning, no one will care.

Anonymous said...

This is horse racing, not Hollywood. Who cares who dates who? She is no longer married,and he's a good looking single guy. Why shouldn't two budding stars be together? So far the standing speak for themselves. He's still winning, and it doesn't seem like his riding has taken a blow from these events. Lets let things unfold. Ambition will oversome puppy love, and if its something more, they can only benefit from being happy outside of work.

Anonymous said...

I disagree that the two of them should do whatever they please, and no, this isn't Hollywood, but it is a perfect example of the morals and ethics they are both in serious lack of...I would think this kind of thing would be looked upon as immoral, and a sin in the eyes of God. The vows of marriage aren't taken with any seriousness as at anymore. I for one pitty them both. It is pathetic.

Anonymous said...

A sin in the eyes of God? Divorce? Then half the country is sinners. Why the big deal over this couple? Jockeys are notorious for their extramaritial affairs. You sound like a hurt ex spouse yourself... What would you rather them do?


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