Monday, May 29, 2006

Met Mile

I had a family day at Belmont today. The wife, kids and parents joined me to watch a few races, including Met Mile. It did not begin well. We arrived as the 4th race was starting and I had not handicapped the race because I did not expect to arrive so early. The 8 horse was pulled up and stumbled awkwardly down the stretch. I looked at my program and saw that this horse, Belarion (Belong to Me), was ridden by Edgar Prado. Just over a week after the Preakness and Mr. Prado is pulling up another injured horse. It was sad. The 4yo gelding was vanned off and I do not know his status. They ignored the whole thing on the recap show this evening.

After that, the day was great. The weather was perfect and Belmont was actually crowded. The races were entertaining and I took a few pictures:

The Met Mile winner, Silver Train, getting saddled.

Mr. Pletcher saddling Bandini

Mr. Zito prepping Sun King

Now this was interesting. Wilko jumped up on his hind legs in the paddock. Mr. Noseda decided to saddle him on the move. It reminded me of Mr. Matz and Barbaro on Preakness day.

Patrick over at Pulling Hair and Betting Horses recently wrote about taking his daughter to the track for the first time. Today was our first time out as a family and it went a lot better than I could have imagined. I look forward to many more days at the track with them.


Mike said...

Great pictures of those three horses... I take it, that by the angle that you've got a rear-end fetish...

Don Chavez said...

Great pics! That was a great race, I was amazed that Silver Train was able to run up front on that pace, and still have plenty left for the stretch drive.

Alan H. said...

You figured me out Scoop. You should also see my picture collection of the hind quarters of goats, sheep and other farm creatures.

But actually, the photo ops at the Belmont paddock are much better from the rear than the front for those of us without super telephoto lenses. I take what I can get.


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