Thursday, May 04, 2006

My Derby Picks

I'll post my picks. Nothing to lose. Either I look like a genius on Saturday night, or I'm wrong like everyone else.

1. Barbaro 2. Lawyer Ron 3. Jazil

I trust Michael Matz that Barbaro works best after long rests. He has done enough to win every race and I don't think we have seen his best yet. Word is that Lawyer Ron has gotten bigger and stronger since the Arkansas Derby. I think Jazil will move up swiftly after the hot early pace falls apart.

Depending on the actual odds, I may put a few bucks on Sinister Minister to win wire-to-wire and put Showing Up into a trifecta somehow.

Good luck to everyone!


Mike said...

If you like Barbaro, then you have to include Sharp Humor. Watch video of that race (free on Ky Derby's website) and you'll see why.

Pjon10 said...
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Anonymous said...

I expect a complete meltdown and will only bet accordingly. That being said, I like Point Determined, A.P. Warrior, Barbaro, Sweethnorthernsaint, and Lawyer Ron, Steppenwolfer is also worth mentioning.


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