Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Stop Stirring the Pot...Andy

Andy Beyer wrote a column yesterday about the rigors of the triple crown. He did not come out and say that the time between the races is too short, however he did do a good job of stirring the pot. Barbaro's breakdown in the Preakness has everyone talking about the conditioning of the horses. If you are reading this blog, I am sure you have read all the articles about how unfair the triple crown is to the horses. I say BULLSHIT. Before the money in breeding went through the roof, horse would run ten times before the Derby, and for years after. Now the money is in breeding, not racing. Horses have not become more frail, they have become less worked. Today a horse suffers a critical breakdown in his 7th race, unfortunately for America, Barbero's 7th race was the Preakness. Forty years ago, the 7th race for a horse was during his 2 year old campaign.
I can go on for hours about this.
My point when I started writing was shame on Andy Beyer. Our sport has enough problems without him trying to cause more.... In the effort to get more readers.


Anonymous said...

Face it, horses are not machines, they are animals, animals that have no doubt become more fragile over the years.

Mike said...

Face it, if you knew what you were talking about Mr. Anonymous Comment guy, you would sign your posts.

Baloo said...

Amen Scoop! Thats for getting my back!

Anonymous said...

Cheers to seeing a horse breakdown when they are only two! Instead of being able to win the Kentucky Derby when they are three!

Baloo said...

I understand your point....Unfortunately you don't see mine. Thanks for reading the blog, we appreciate the support!


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