Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Triple Crown Field Sizes

Today on "At the Races and Beyond", they were discussing the field sizes facing the 11 Triple Crown winners. I did some number crunching and discovered the follwing average field sizes for each of the years that there was a Triple Crown winner:

Kentucky Derby - 13.5 horses
Preakness - 7.8 horses
Belmont Stakes - 5.4 horses

So it appears that Barbaro will face more competition that the average Triple Crown winner. As a matter of fact, he faced more horses in the Kentucky Derby (19) that Count Fleet (14) and Citation (15) faced in all three of their races combined.

And look at that average for the Belmont - 5.4! Sir Barton and Count Fleet faced only 2 other horses to get their prize. I expect that Barbaro will also have a lot of elbow room at Belmont if he is lucky enough to run away with the Preakness.


Baloo said...

WOW! Somebody has been doing some homework. Thanks for the info!

Anonymous said...

My guess is that if he doesn't win the Triple Crown it'll be because the Preakness. His breeding and style are perfect for the Belmont Stakes, I hope he goes to that race whether he wins or loses this Saturday.


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