Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Just a Game Handicap (G2)

I'm going through my pictures from Belmont day and found a few others that are worth posting. Here is the story of race 7:

Winner Gorella staring me down in the paddock:

And holding off Pommes Frites at the wire:

Which leads to winning jockey Julian Leparoux being interviewed in the winner's circle:


Baloo said...

Great photos Alan. Have you ever noticed that Julien looks like Toby McGuire?

QQ said...

Thanks for the pic of Gorella & Pommes Frites. Really captures the excitement of the finish - who'd have thought a four-horse race would be such a thrill?

Tote Board Brad said...

Yeah, he does look like Toby McGuire. Spittin' image.


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