Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Quick Hits

- Jesse Jackson says that jockeys are semi-indentured servants. However, they are clearly independent contractors and I don't see a way for them to classified otherwise. They routinely work for 6 or 7 different owners every day. It is their choice where they choose to offer their services, their choice whether they choose to work on any given day and mostly their choice how to ride the horse. They are represented by agents and their success is generally within their own control. Win and make money, lose and don't. The jockeys should be careful what they wish for. Organized labor brings a lot of baggage and Jesse Jackson brings even more.

- www.equinephotographers.org is a beautiful site if anyone is interested in equine photography. I found them because they linked to one of Baloo's posts. You have to be a member to see some of the content, but the free stuff is most impressive too.

- Bill Finley proposes a horse racing World Cup. I absolutely love this idea. I agree that it will never realistically happen, but what a great way to bring interest to the sport! Bring nationalism into the mix and people get excited. I am no soccer fan, but I cared about the world cup this year because it was the USA vs. the world. Great vision by Mr. Finley.

- I finally had a chance to watch Deep Impact win the Takarazuka Kinen on the DVR. Wow. Just Wow. 10 wins and a second in 11 starts. And a lot in G1 company. I wonder how big Sunday Silence would be if he stood in Kentucky?


kentucky joe said...

I thought the same thing when I read Jesse Jackson was taking up the jockey banner...I don't think he adds much in the way of relevance and he adds a lot of overhead.

Superfecta said...

I am a huge soccer fan and love Finley's idea...but it's so difficult to get everyone who would need to be involved to play nicely with others.

The Breeders' Cup was a great first step toward getting the casual fan to realize there is life beyond the Triple Crown, but I'm all for shaking things up again.


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