Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A Great Combination

There was an episode of Seinfeld where George combined two of his passions to enhance an experience. I was thinking about this yesterday while riding this: to here:

I wish I could find a way to mix in a round of golf and some single malt Scotch and it would have been just perfect.

Even though he didn't win, Julien Leparoux was awesome on Swap Fliparoo in the Genuine Risk Handicap. As you can see above, I caught a shot of them coming in 2nd. When I watched the race on the DVR this morning, I was amazed at the move he made to get up to challenge Behaving Badly. He makes horses better when he rides them. It's interesting that he came on the scene as Jerry Bailey was leaving it.


Anonymous said...

In due time he'll replace Jerry, I never liked Jerry too much so it's been done over here. I think he has more pure talent and ability, I don't how else to explain, he is just a jockey. Him and Jara were born to be jockeys and will easily be the future of this sport, Julien already loves the Polytrack and it looks like that's where we are headed too.

Handride said...

can i ask what kind of camera you have, it's awesome

Alan H. said...

I think the good pictures are more a function of finding a good spot and getting lucky with the shutter button. And for every good one, there are 10 really bad ones that I don't post.

My camera is a 5-year-old Fuji FinePix 3800 with 6x zoom and just 3.2 megapixels. It's nothing special and I have been thinking hard about buying a much smaller and better camera, but there always seems to be a better way to spend $300.

Belmont on an relatively quiet day is full of places to get good pictures. I love the back end of the paddock for up close trainer and horse shots. You can usually get a spot very close to the rail at the finish line. The winner's circle is fairly accessible and I just found a good spot to shoot the horses and riders coming out onto the track.

Pjon10 said...

Nice shots Alan. When did you get a bike?


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