Tuesday, September 26, 2006

More trouble for Maryland

Pennsylvania Horse Breeders' Association has announced changes to eligibility criteria for Pennsylvania-bred registration in the Pennsylvania Breeding Fund, generally extending its residency requirements for foals or broodmares.
Pennsylvania Horse Breeders' Association President Peter Giangiulio said when slot machine operations begin this later this year, they will help the state's breeders' fund grow to more than $20-million.

"The purpose of the revisions is to require a greater commitment to Pennsylvania commerce from participating breeders whose stock is not regularly boarded in the state," Giangiulio stated.

These new regulations will continue the exodus from Maryland. A number of large operations have already moved north to the greener pastures of Pennsylvania. The Maryland horse racing industry is in a horrible downward spiral, and does not appear to be making any efforts to change.

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