Tuesday, September 19, 2006


The horse industry needs superstars. We need superstar horses, trainers, jockeys, and owners. You may say that we already have them, and I would agree. However, the rest of the world (people who are very casual fans, and people that can become fans) is yet to meet the superstars. Every year, the world meets a new superstar on the first Saturday in May. This year it was Barbaro. Unfortunately, until we have a Triple Crown winner, the Kentucky Derby winner will fade off the sports pages in early August. Then the Breeders Cup gets about ten seconds of coverage, and that is all the world sees about horse racing.

In order to reach out to a new and younger fan, the industry must show off its superstars using new and modern methods.
I know that jockeys don't really get vacations, but it would not hurt a jock like Julien Leparoux to hire a public relations, and entertainment agent. The public could really grab on to him if they met him on late night talk shows, and entertainment venues. The same goes for owners. If the owners had representation, they could line up interviews for the high profile type. The morning shows, the late shows, the news shows. The public would eat up Merv Griffin if they saw him as a horse owner. The Jacksons rarely gave interviews after the Barbaro accident, but could have won support for the rest of there stable.

Now for the trainers.......These guys are the ultimate in sitcom characters. Todd Pletcher, D. Wayne Lucas, Contessa, Trombetta, Leatherbury. You can't create better characters than these guys. Love them or hate them, people can really latch on to them. Trainers have the same appeal as college football coaches. They hang around for ever, and people love to root against them.

To sum it all up.....If the NTRA spent a few bucks on marketing the people, things could turn for the best!


Superfecta said...

Funny, I was just thinking along the same lines...in fact, I'm working on a post about it for Thursday.

Watch the skies!

Ruben Bailey said...

You guys are so dead on.

That is my number one issue I would bring to the NTRA...MAKE THE HUMANS the stars!! Especially the jockeys. After the jocks, you can work on whatever other group you like, but I think there is tremendous untapped potential for the jocks to eb the stars to lift the sport to the next level.

And yes, it will take an investment from the NTRA to make it happen.


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