Sunday, November 05, 2006

Another Disservice by the MSM

We have been complaining that newspapers are systematically reducing coverage of horse racing. Today, I wish our local paper ignored it more. Newsday, the local paper of the County in which Belmont Park sits, typically carries a bare minimum of racing coverage. However, today they put Pine Island's demise on the FRONT PAGE including a gruesome picture. Nothing about any of the great positives, nothing about the fall of Bernardini, just front page coverage of the death of a horse that 99.9% of the readership know nothing about. No wonder Belmont and Aqueduct are empty and NYRA is bankrupt.

At least the New York Post, a racing friendly publication, got the big story right.
As Left at the Gate mentioned, the New York Times also focused on the breakdown, but they were kind enough to bury the story page 11 of Section 8, with a small mention on the front page of the sports section.

I think this again proves the importance of alternative information sources like the TBA. However, are we still alternative if our Average Horseplayer has a seat at the big table?

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Baloo said...

Great post Alan!


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