Sunday, November 05, 2006

BC Final Thoughts

- Are there any better silks than that of Suarez Racing? I love the Superman thing and they were even more impressive on Corey Nakatani as Thor's Echo won the Breeder's Cup Sprint.

- I've documented my appreciation of Kenny Mayne before, but they they have to let him be himself and not force it. His little piece about the breeding shed was not funny, nor informative. So what's the point? Let Kenny be Kenny with his one liners and don't have the writers try to do skits for him.

- Do you think that George Washington's trouble getting into the gate disrupted Bernardini's normal rhythm? He was further back than usual and may have expended too much energy catching up. Anyway, Kiaran McLaughlin seems to be one of the good guys and it's nice to see him win the Belmont and the Classic this year.

- I'm thinking about what I was doing when I was 18. A very different story than Fernando Jara. We spend a lot of time here talking about Anna Napravnik, but Jara is in another world. Another great story to tell rather than putting Pine Island on the front page of the paper.

- Invasor - He's the Best!

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Baloo said...

Alan - You bring up a good point about Jara. Here in Maryland, Anna "Rosie" Napravnik is the 18 year old queen of the races. She can't even hold the whip of Fernando Jara, or Julien Leparoux. However, that is what makes this game so great. Every town and track can have local superstars. Just because they don't play in the All-Star game, does not make them less of a star!


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