Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Will Fernando Jara leave NY?

18 year old jockey Fernando Jara has announced that he will be parting ways with agent Randy Romero. Jara will now be represented by Gateway Bell. The article makes it seem that Jara will be leaving NY. My question would be why?


lewis demyan said...

Why is jara not getting more mounts,he is amoung the best jocks in the country,I have lost track of him,where is he riding now???

Bruce Baudoux said...

The word on Fernando Jara is that he is absolutely terrified of horses. Once he is on their backs he is fine but he is terrified in their presence. He thought the word wouldn't follow him to California but it got there before he did. It will be a frozen turf course at Del Mar before this guy rides anymore winners. It will be interesting to see if Bob Meldahl takes his book again.


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