Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Laurel Jockey Standings

A little over three months into the Laurel meet, and Anna "Rosie" Napravnik is still the queen of Maryland racing. Many people questioned how young Rosie would do when she lost her bug this summer. Well, I think she answered all the skeptics. It appears that all the trainers love her, as she has about 125 more mounts then Luis Garcia (second in starts with 299). Since coming down from Delaware, Jeremy Rose has become one of the betters favorites. Rose has been in the money 61% of the time with his 124 starts. One time Maryland superstar Ryan Fogelsonger has earnings of 1.3 million, but trails Napravnik by almost $800,000. Julian Pimentel is one of my favorite jockeys to watch, but his 38% in the money, and 13% winning statistics are begining to hurt him. Pimentel is not getting the good horses as he did when he burst onto the Maryland scene.

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