Friday, January 26, 2007

Rosie Napravnik Injury Update

The incident occurred one furlong past the finish line when Napravnik’s mount, Look Out Lorie, fell to the ground after finishing second in the $32K allowance. Ryan Fogelsonger’s mount, Known Thief, could not avoid the fallen horse and tripped, sending her rider to the ground. Napravnik, was removed from the racetrack on a stretcher and transported to Laurel-Beltsville Hospital for x-rays on her lower back.

“She is conscious and alert but in a lot of pain,” said John Faltynski, Napravnik’s agent.

Fogelsonger, who appeared shaken, got up and walked off the track under his own power but did take off his final two mounts of the afternoon. “Rosie’s horse went down right in front of us and we didn’t have a chance to avoid them,” Fogelsonger said. “I went head over heels. I don’t think anything is wrong-just really sore. I should be back tomorrow.”

Known Thief got up and ran off. Look Out Lorie was kept on the ground while attendants removed Napravnik from the scene. When the rider was out of the way, Look Out Lorie got to her feet and was transported from the track in the horse ambulance.

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