Thursday, March 22, 2007

Female Jockeys

Todays cover story at Press Box is a called Breaking The Barrier. A story about a bunch of "horse-crazy girls breaking down the gender barrier." They also have a second story that goes into detail about some of the greatest female jockeys. That story is called Riding Into History

Thank you Press Box, you took an opportunity to write some feel good story about racing (that did not include Barbaro).

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Cangamble said...

The first female jockey to really make an impact in Ontario racing was Valerie Thompson. She won most outstanding apprentice jockey in 1980. I remember how easy she would make it look, and I also remember cashing quite a few tickets as a 19 year old at Greenwood.
After she lost her bug though (I sort of remember she had some serious falls that may have contributed), she quickly went into obscurity. She actually came back recently to ride one horse at Fort Erie last year. Didn't win though.


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