Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Times are Changing in the Mid Atlantic

Today I received my copy of theMid Atlantic Thoroughbred. As always, I flip through to look at all the stallion ads and get a quick feel for what stories are included this month. At first glance, I noticed that it was considerably thicker than it has been in the past. Upon further review, I noticed a lot of advertisements for farms and stallions that I had never seen before. I also noticed the many of the articles were about Pennsylvania farms and PA bred horses.
This is all new for the Mid Atlantic region. Once upon a time, as recently as last year, the magazine was almost 80% Maryland racing and advertisements. Not anymore! Our slot enhanced neighbors to the north are not only increasing purses, but overall presence in the regional industry. The increased pages in the magazine were needed for all the new PA breeding and training farms. The secondary business are also starting to advertise.
At this point in my posts, I usually make a comment about the demise of Maryland racing. Today, I want to take a different approach. It may be a little bit longer ride, but I look forward to seeing the great races at Phiily Park and Penn National in the future. Kudos to all the fine horsemen in Pennsylvania. Please keep the momentum going!

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Tote Board Brad said...

it's just heartbreakly sad that the politicians just don't care enough to muster the political will to get this done.

sure, there's the anti-gambling lobby, but there's also the developers lobby that wants nothing more than to buy up horse farms and put in strip malls, office parks, and cookie cutter suburbs. just makes me sick.


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