Monday, April 02, 2007

The Kill Pen

Monday morning, the start of a new week. After a great weekend of racing, I was planning a post on the Triple Crown and the Maryland connections. With spring in the air, I was planning a trip out of the office, maybe to see some of my clients at breeding and training farms. Unfortunately, my mind turned from Preakness in Maryland, to horse slaughter in Pennsylvania. While enjoying the morning paper, I came across an article by Brook Gunning in the Examiner titled Mondays at the kill pen. Reading this article took the Monday morning wind right out of my sails. The opening paragraph:
What are your plans for this morning? If you’re a Killer/Buyer, and it’s a Monday, then you’re off to the infamous sales at New Holland, Pa., to purchase horses. After buying them, you will ship them cross country to a foreign-owned plant and butcher them to sell for human consumption outside U.S. borders.
The article then goes on in horrific detail about how the horses are bought and slaughtered.

The bright side of the article is the feel good story about Tracy Young and his wife Kelly who founded the nonprofit Lost and Found Horse Rescue. With locations in Pennsylvania and Maryland, they rescue about 100 horses a year, 60 percent of which come from the kill pen. Every Monday Kelly goes to the livestock auction at the New Holland Auction Stable to try to rescue as many as she can.

My friends and I with theThoroughbred Bloggers Alliance are doing our part by donating to Old Friends, but I encourage all readers of this blog to get involved with either a local or nation horse rescue. These horses give everything they can for our entertainment, I think we can all give a little something back to them!


Anonymous said...

I've been to New Holland and it is spooky ... like a weird Amish cowboy freak show with kids who ought to be in school riding broken down horses into the ring to be sized up by dead-eyed kill buyers. And then there are the righteous savers running around in desperate rescue mode. Some of the animals are so sorry, it's hard to look at them, but plenty people are getting hot dogs and stuff at the concession window like it's a fair.

rather rapid said...

any killing area is spooky. why single out New Holland? there are 10,000 of thousands of animals undergoing similar fates every day. and more than that geometrically being abused and neglected. i'm the gad fly on this. Why is "friends" non profit if they're making a living at it. this used to be called "buying and selling horses". These sorts, instead of focusing on what they makes a modicum of sense, which would be humane slaughter (of course, there's no money in that), put this false issue before the country, and help actually in creating these conditions for these horses. sorry, i have little sympathy.

rather rapid said...

forgot to add--for the humans. the horses deserve a bill in congress as do all animals with the same destination to be treated humanely at all points.


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