Friday, April 06, 2007

Tommy Bromwell

Opponents of legalizing slot machines in Maryland are pointing to taped conversations with former state Sen. Thomas L. Bromwell Sr. as evidence that legalizing slot machines would lead to casinos all over the state.

The former state senator (currenty awaiting trial on corruption charges) was recorded by the FBI back in 2001, before he left the state senate. At the time, he chaired the Senate Finance Committee, which Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller had assigned to oversee gambling legislation.

It is being reported that Bromwell was taped while bragging that once slots came in, there would be off-track betting locations all over the state as well as full-blown casinos in Baltimore, Owings Mills and Cambridge.

House Speaker Michael Busch said Bromwell's remarks will reinvigorate opponents of slots.

At one time Tommy Bromwell was considered the second most powerful Democrat in the state. He and his wife are now both awaiting trail for receiving kickbacks, form companies awarded state work. His wife also had a no show job with a contractor.

This can't turn out good!

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