Tuesday, May 01, 2007

It's Not All Rosy at Churchill

"It's Not All Rosy at Churchill" is the title on the cover of the sports section, in todays Baltimore Sun. This article appears to be written as a companion piece to this article about Gulfstream Park from the Sunday paper.. So, as I asked on Sunday, Did Magna pay for this slots push?

The first article (from Sunday)talks about the great bond between horse racing and slot machines. You would think that horse racing fans and slot players were skipping through the paddock at Gulfstream holding hands. The article today is all about the future problems facing Churchill Downs because they don't have slots.

In the hour since I started typing this post (the work and kids thing sometimes gets in the way of blogging), I have now heard two differnt radio stations speaking about slot machines and Pimlico. I guess these articles actually do get people thinking about change. Lets hope the state legislature is listening.

- Speaking of Radio......In the four days since Delaware Park opened for live racing, I have heard ten radio commercials for the track. In the same time, I have heard one for Maryland Racing, and it was for Preakness.

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Pjon10 said...

Good article on the the good, the bad and the needed upgrades for Pimlico. I agree that the state of Maryland racing is in need of more than a facelift at Pimlico, but that would be a great start. Other technology based ideas to make the race experience more fan friendly for the modern fan are also needed as suggested, hopefully there will be more action than speculation on these ideas, improvments and slot legislation before it is too late, it seems like we have been talking about these issues for the better part of a decade or more in Maryland, it is time for action!


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