Thursday, May 24, 2007

Preakness 2007 - Running of the Urinals

In the five days since the running of the Preakness stakes, I have seen numerous news articles about the record crowd. Some articles centered on the outstanding performance of the horses, jockeys, and owners. Many of the articles went in a different direction. The anti-slot people want everyone to believe that if horse racing would market the sport properly, and build a fan base, Pimlico would have 120,000 people every weekend.

Well.....For those who don't realize this......"Preakness" in Baltimore is not about horse racing. The 100,000 high school and college students in the infield are there for the party. You can't even see any horses from the infield!

Check out this video on Youtube to see what goes on in the infield for twelve hours before the Grade I is even loaded into the gate. "Preakness 2007 - Running of the Urinals"

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