Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Tuesday Morning News and Thoughts

- The Philly Inquirer has a story about Jayne Vaders drug positive and suspension. I know that I may get some interesting comments, but I am going to go ahead anyway. She broke the rules three times, and now she must pay the penalty. Some may say that the penalty is harsh, but I think it is fair. Fourteentwentyone (a horse she trains), tested positive for the tranquilizer acepromazine (AKA-Ace) after winning on Feb. 4. She was warned last year after two similar infractions that her license would be suspended if caught again. Well, she was caught again, and now she needs to pay the penalty. Just becasue she was the leading trainer last year at Philly Park, and leading this year, does not give her any special privileges. Maybe she leads the trainer standings because she cheats???? Some trainers say that Ace, a tranquilizer does not help a horse run. I agree, the tranquilizer does not help the horse run, but it does take away the anxiety of being in the paddock, post parade, and starting gate. Oh....and IT IS ILLEGAL! Suspend her for the rest of the year, and set the bar for future infractions.

- I don't know what talk is like around the rest of the world, but here in Baltimore they have all but awarded Street Sense the Triple Crown. I even heard a sports reporter on the radio say that you need to get your Preakness tickets now in order to get a glimpse of the future triple crown winner. If anyone has actually been to the infield of the Preakness, you would be lucky to see a horse at all, let alone Street Sense.

- Speaking of Preakness, here is a link for anyone who would like to catch up on Preakness History.


Superfecta said...

I've been following the story too; got tipped off about it last week but didn't say anything since it was still ongoing.

I agree with you -- three times is no fluke and I've heard from other sources that the drug issue at Philly Park is not as bad as it's been in the past, but it's still an open secret in some barns. I wonder how the impact of bigger purses (and more oversight) changes things.

Anonymous said...

As for your May comments,there are a lot more circumstances surrounding these positives than you are aware of.You should wait to hear all the facts before being judge and jury.


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