Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sunday Morning Thoughts

- Questions:
Can Rags to Riches (585) run against fillies anymore?
Which Coolmore stallion will get the first date with Rags? (this is probably a question for The Pedigree Guru)

- In other news.......Voters Reject Table Gaming at Charles Town Racing and Slots. I'm not sure how this plays out for Maryland racing. I think it is a good thing, but we will have to wait and see.

- Back home in Maryland.....Silmaril beat My Sister Sue in a photo for the $95,000 Skipat Stakes at Pimlico. Silmaril has now increased her earnings to over $800K.

Live racing has ended hear in Maryland until late August. Everyone has packed up the tack and headed south for Colonial Downs. I personally, am not too fond of Colonial but maybe this season will change that.

As expected, Scott Lake picked up another trainers title, and Luis Garcia won his first riding title in Maryland. I wish I can say that I enjoyed the Pimlico Spring meet.....except for a few great days, the talent pool of horses and jockeys had been pretty week.


Superfecta said...

Hurrah for Silmaril! I am a fan but hadn't had a chance to check in this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Why do you hate Colonial?


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