Sunday, July 22, 2007

Running Scared

Rags to Riches was pulled up today early in her workout at Belmont. This follows her passing on the Coaching Club American Oaks due to a slight (possibly non-existent) fever. I wonder if Todd Pletcher, Michael Tabor and Derrick Smith have seen the classic comedy Running Scared.

In that movie, Billy Crystal and the late Gregory Hines play two Chicago police officers that have to solve one more case before retiring. The problem is that throughout their careers, they have performed with reckless abandon, but now that they can see the end they become careful. And they learn that you can't win by being too careful.

It seems that the humans are starting to get a little too "careful" with Rags to Riches. I lament the early retirement of good horses, but this nickel and dime stuff is tiresome. If they accomplished their goal of selling her babies for $2 million each, then get her off the track and relieve us of the daily reports of her minor maladies. If they want to continue her racing career, then RACE HER just like they would race another top horse in the barn.

Now I have to find my DVD of Running Scared. I haven't watched it in a long time.

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