Friday, September 28, 2007

Dimes in New York!

This Sunday at Belmont brings us the arrival of Curlin, Lawyer Ron, Ginger Punch, Discreet Cat and DIME SUPERFECTAS!!!!!

"10-cent superfectas will be available on-track, through NYRA Rewards Telebet and to the NYRA Simulcast Network. The wager will be available for both live and simulcast races (if offered by the host track). At this time, fans on-track will be able to place 10-cent superfectas at self service terminals only. NYRA Rewards internet wagering on the 10-cent superfecta will be available online as soon as the internet wagering software is successfully updated."(Bloodhorse)

I'm not sure what "as soon as internet wagering software is successfully updated" means, but I'm assuming that it means "Not on Sunday". That's OK, I'll be at the track.

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