Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Ocean City, MD

The Bugboys (along with bugwives, bugkids and bugparents) had a family vacation in Ocean City, Maryland last week. Unfortunately, we missed the last day at Ocean Downs, but there were a few horse-related things that we came across.

First, we have been supporters of VLTs in Maryland for a while. Sure, they are not the ultimate solution, but they would provide a more level playing field for Maryland when competing with its surrounding states. Aside from some politicians and holy rollers, we haven't really come across any anti-slots people. But then we saw signs like these outside many of the hotels in Ocean City:

Aaaah. Now I get it. The resort areas that will lose visitors to the potential new casinos are funding the opposition. These displays were prominent up and down the Coastal Highway. I haven't researched the cash flow, but I'm sure that the politicians leading the anti-slots movement are receiving copious donations from the hospitality industry along the coasts.

On a more positive note, horse lovers have to see the wild horses of Assateague Island. For over 300 years, these horses have lived and thrived on the barrier island and visitors can travel around the island and see them up close.

Assateugue is a National Park and offers camping, hiking and water activities, but the big draws are the wild horses roaming around. It was interesting to see equines in a more natural environment than the race track.

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