Thursday, August 07, 2008

A Brief Diversion - Brett Favre!!!!!!

I usually refrain from non-horse-racing subjects here, but Patrick blogged about hockey today, and I feel liberated to expand on my sporting horizons this evening. Today I don't care about Big Brown, Curlin, Einstein or Saratoga. Today is the day that Brett Favre became the quarterback of the New York Jets. 17 years too late, but a happy day nonetheless. I'm pinching myself as I see him standing on the sidelines of the Jets-Browns game tonight.

OK, back to horses. I'm making the pilgrimage up to Saratoga next weekend (August 15th -17th). Who else will be there?


Ernie said...

They coulda drafted Favre instead of Ken o'Brien---I suppose it's a no-lose situation. The alternative to Brett isn;t too exciting.

Doubtful for Spa next weekend.

Geno said...

Boo! Well, at least I'll see him again at Rich Stadium (i refuse to call it the Ralph)and it just made the Jets game a hot ticket.

I'll be in Toga, let's hook up for a drink.


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