Sunday, April 12, 2009


Almost 25 years to the day, Maryland (Baltimore) lost the Colts, when they moved to Indianapolis. Now that has become the rallying cry for saving the Preakness. Every day for the last three weeks, the local papers have led with a story about saving the Preakness Stakes. The lawmakers are trying to draft legislation, the city is trying to back investors, and the citizens are fearing the loss. Did we not learn anything in the last 25 years? I guess not!

You would not need to "save" the Preakness, if you would have "saved" racing. You would not have had to save the Colts if you spent the money to build a stadium. If the state would have pledged a fraction of the money they need to "Save the Preakness" five years ago, the industry would be strong, the tracks would be profitable, and the industry healthy. Now, they are throwing time and money at saving one race. If you worked to save/promote the other 364 days, the industry and tracks would be able to stay open. Did I mention that if you had more/better racing, you would have more training and breeding farms, which equal more jobs, and at the end of the day MORE TAXES.

Don't "Save The Preakness", SAVE HORSE RACING IN MARYLAND!

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