Monday, June 08, 2009

Belmont Stakes Day Miscellany

You have certainly seen enough coverage of last Saturday at Belmont, but here are a few photos of what I found interesting throughout the day....

I never noticed this before, but the metal fence behind the paddock on the Clubhouse side has these horses painted in the colors of the last two Belmont Stakes winners.

There was a lot of law enforcement around the park - including these guys on the roof.

Kevin Plank of Under Armour fame is a refreshing addition to the thoroughbred racing world. First he buys and restores Sagamore Farm, and now he is throwing big advertising bucks at the sport. Here is his infield sign right up there with Sheik Mohammed's

And the saddle cloths were sponsored by Under Armour too. "I must protect this horse, I mean house."

The ESPN robot camera operator was trying to look down dresses all day

And most importantly, this baby didn't move an inch. They all came back safe.


Teresa said...

Walking on a high floor of the clubhouse at one point, I passed a sniper, getting advice from a NYRA employee about the best place on the roof to stand. He was nonchalant; I, not so much.

Gorgeous photo of Summer Bird.

Ernie said...

"The ESPN robot camera operator was trying to look down dresses all day"

In related news, Ernie spotted buying a robot camera.

Anonymous said...

The Assets who where there, I hear this was more than useual. I know why but if I can Ask if You have been to a Yanks or a Mets Game if it had the same presence?

That really has me curious

I am Glad it was a Great time--I love the pics---I'm sorry I got moody with the Big E----& The Sniper really just wanted a seat with (his))Goggles up there he can see everything. Even The the unbelief on Kent D's face when He realized he won.

Elizabeth said...

Very nice photos. I have to agree with Teresa; the one of Summer Bird is outstanding! Thanks for sharing them. Gives those of us who couldn't be there a little more feeling for the atmosphere of the day.

alan said...

Brave of you to point that camera up to those cops.

I thought it was pretty humorous amongst all the law enforcement to see a plane carrying a banner ad for Weeds.


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