Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's a Man, Man!

18-year old Caster Semnya of South Africa won the Women's 800 meter World Championship in Germany this week, but

Semenya dominated her rivals to win the 800 on Wednesday despite revelations that surfaced earlier in the day that she was undergoing a gender verification test because of concerns she does not meet the requirements to compete as a woman.

This leads me to wonder if we have ever had the same problem in horse racing? Is that filly really a filly, or a "very gelded" colt? I'm sure Jess Jackson had the equine OB check out Rachel before he bought her. And does the Breeder's Cup do anything to ensure gender at our World Championships?


Handride said...

I think this recently happened to a trotter or pacer, it's really not the owners fault, any number of things can happen to a fetus that can cause the male genitalia to not form. B

Anonymous said...

A very gelded colt (heaven forbid).
Can anyone remember a very gelded colt who was the dam of champions (LOL).

Ernie said...

These testing procedures are highly invasive and I wouldn't wish them on anyone.



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