Saturday, October 03, 2009

At Least I took a Good Photo

I used to think that every big day at the track is a good day. Not any more. I should have seen the signs and not bothered going. But I did.

First, my friend had a change in plans and would not be joining me. Then, my son's soccer team got crushed 4-0 by a cross-town rival. The weather report guaranteed rain and lightning. But 5 Grade Ones! I had to go to Belmont Park. By myself.

I saw Ernie from afar, but he was working his video magic and I didn't want to interrupt. I couldn't find Handride because of cell phone issues. So, I enjoyed the Beldame as it began to rain.

After Music Note's victory, I positioned myself on the chute to the winner's circle that is only used for Grade 1 races. I was hoping to get a photo of Rajiv and Saeed, and I did.
I also captured a bonus photo of Music Note getting a hose-down. She seemed to love it.
I was knocked out of the Pick 6 in the first leg because I tried to beat the favorite. After that, the heavy rain and lighning came. Kodiak Kowboy was very impressive in beating Fabulous Strike in the Vosburgh, but that knocked me out of the Pick 4 in the first leg.

When I realized that I was envious of Geno, who was dry at an OTB with cheap beer, I knew it was time to go. After getting SOAKED running out to my car and a short ride home, I was comfy watching the Joe Hirsch Turf Classic and the Jockey Club Gold Cup on TV.

Kudos to those of you who were chatting up Summer Bird before the Kentucky Derby and the Belmont Stakes. I thought you were crazy, but you were right. He is the real deal and just needed a little time to mature. The trainer and the owners are easy to root for. I expect that he will be back next year with the breeding market going south.

Looking forward to the next (dry) day at the track. Perhaps the Cigar Mile at Aqueduct.

Update: I forgot the highlight of the day for me. I met Steve Byk and had the opportunity to tell him how much I like his radio show. He's as nice in person as he comes across on the show.


Ernie said...

Sorry I missed you, Alan. The weather sucked and I got crushed - but it's the only place I'd wanna be.

Hope to see you soon

Teresa said...

Based on that photo, Alan, I was standing steps away from you after the Beldame--can't believe that I didn't see you.

Brian Appleton said...

Great blog you've got here, I just started my own on wordpress ( and was looking for other racing blogs when I came across yours.
Do you live close to Belmont? I'm from CT but still drive down about three times a yeat to catch the big days.


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