Friday, March 17, 2006

Marketing 101 (For Owners and Breeders)

1. Don't give your horse a name that is only funny to you, your family, or friends.
2. Your colt may stand stud some day. 20 years from now someone may say "My filly is 3 by 2 Green Monkey"
3. If you are going to name a horse after a person, make it flow.
..........Examples that work: Stevie Wonderboy, Declans Moon, Giacomo
..........Examples that do not work: Pretty as my Lucy, mysonjackstoy

.......Lime green, lavender, and red do not look good together
.......No pictures...I think I saw the Mona Lisa on the back of a jockey at Charles Town

1.Don't take out a full page ad in the Bloodhorse with photos of poorly confirmed foals.
2.Don't forget the following info on stallion ads: Name of farm, name of stallion, address, phone, website, price.
(I can't tell you how many adds I see that are missing important information)
3. If you stand the leading stallion in Maine, don't advertise nationally. Nobody in Kentucky, or California, or even New Jersey is going to send you a mare. Save your money and advertise in the PennySaver.

I can go on for days, but anymore info is going to cost you!


Anonymous said...

That is excellent! Great Points!

jc said...


Superfecta said...

The bad copyediting in some of the ads really gets me - please learn when to use 'its' rather than 'it's' before you send it off to be printed!

I fully agree too on some of those bizarre-looking foal pictures you see every year - what were they thinking?

Nellie said...

Just saw this - how about some of those stallion ads where it looks like they just opened the gate, walked into the field and said "hey, pose for me!" ... halter is all twisted and ill fitting.

I see those and wonder what possessed them ... or if they suddenly had one of those 'ads for the stallion directory are due tomorrow - honey, go grab the camera!' moments.


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