Monday, March 20, 2006

A Sad State

The horse racing industry in Maryland is going down the crapper. Our current Govenor once pushed slot machines and horse racing as a prime part of his agenda. Now that it is an election year, the slot machines have fallen off the table. The current push is to add $10 million to the breeders fund (See Article). Legislature of Maryland, WAKE UP! This is a band aid fix to a hemorrhage. We have already lost a number of large breeding and training operations to neighboring states with healthy racing programs. The people of Maryland will not wake up until we lose our jewel of the triple crown. As I have stated in previous posts, The Preakness Stakes is everything to people in Maryland. When we lose the Preakness, it will be too late to save racing in Maryland. Look at any card for racing at Penn National, Delaware Park, Philly Park, and Mountaineer, they are filled with Maryland bred horses. I guess in 5 or 7 years, we will no longer see the (MD) after a horses name.

It pains me to see the greatPimlico Race Track in such shambles. This track is in terrible shape, and they run only about 40 days a year. Pimlico holds the memories of some of horse racing's greatest moments. It is a shame that the legislature of Maryland is will to let all of this fade away.

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John said...

Nice post, the saddest part is that politicians are in charge of these decisions.

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