Saturday, April 08, 2006

Don't call it a 'Sell Out"

For the past two months I have read in numerous newspapers and blogs about the Kentucky Derby selling out to Yum! Brands. Many authors have penned the term "Sell Out". I hope that these are not he same people that complain about the drop in attendance and television coverage. Corporate sponsorship is essential to the survival of horse racing and hopefully to expanded television coverage. Almost all other sporting events have corporate partners. Turn the TV on between Christmas and New Years and all you see is corporate names added to bowl games. The NFL, MLB, NBA and World Cup soccer all have sponsors and billboards, and advertising. I want to see more advertising in horse racing. I wish the Maryland Jockey Club would sell naming rights to every corner of Pimlico. I look forward to hear this call:

......And into the Coca-Cola first turn....down the Fed Ex back stretch they go......around the Bank America clubhouse turn and to the finish line sponsored by Slim Fast.

I know it sounds funny, but it will increase the purses, and increase revenue to the tracks that desperately need it.
Having a corporate sponsor is not a "Sell Out".

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Pjon10 said...

I agree, Yum Brands is a good partner, how about adding a few more to the mix, like, the Paddock, brought to you by Allegra D, yes, I know I am biased on that one, but it is the area I seem to get the most congested at, so it seems like a good fit.

Alan H. said...

It seems that Keeneland is ahead of the game here. Yesterday they ran the Central Bank Transylvania Stakes. The idea of sponsoring stakes races is trickling down to the more common ones.


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