Saturday, April 08, 2006

Rainy Day at the Big A

I went to Aqueduct today to see the Wood Memorial. I planned to make it a family day with the wife and kids but they lost interest with the rain and cold. Luckily, the Mrs. encouraged me to go by myself. I arrived in time for the 6th race and the place was empty. It was sad, but I enjoyed the elbow room and the access to the good views. I took a lot of pictures and here are a few of the better ones....

My view of Too Much Bling as he approached the finish line in the Bay Shore Stakes.

Pletcher giving Prado his instructions for Keyed Entry's ride in the Wood.

Bob and John entering the gate. No zoom lens required. Aqueduct was so empty that I just walked up to the rail for these shots.

Bob and John in control just before Jazil passes Keyed Entry. (I had Jazil to Win - darn, should have bet Place)

My angle of Bob and John's Winner's Circle photo. I'm so angry that I missed the great shots of Baffert hugging Gomez, and Baffert rubbing the horse in approval.

Despite the rain, it was a great way to spend a few hours. Congratulations to the winners.


John said...

Great post Alan,

Your post is proof of why blogs are important sources of news and images. None of the news media would have the time, space or inclination to do it. It was great to see those shots and your angle on the day and races...thanks

Pjon10 said...

Seems like a nice day at the Track! FYI- I had my best day at the track last year at the Black Eyed Susan stakes day at Pimilco, in the Slop! I topped the entire day off by hitting the Trifecta in the Pimlico Special, Handicappers should never let the slop scare them away.

kentucky joe said...

awesome pics, thanks

Don Chavez said...

Nice post, love the pics. Good luck this weekend.

QQ said...

Thanks for posting the pics from the Big A. They're great! (And lots better than the ones I take of the post parade!)


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