Friday, April 14, 2006

Don't forget about your hometown tracks

The Kentucky Derby is just weeks away, and everyone has Triple Crown fever. I just wanted to remind everyone to check the cards at the local track for other exciting raced coming up. Here in Baltimore, we are lucky to have two great days of racing leading up to The Preakness Stakes. On April 22, Pimlico will be hosting its Spring Festival of Racing. This card will feature five stakes races and a minimum of $750,000 in purse money. On the Friday before the Preakness, Ole' Hilltop (Pimlico for you out of towners) hosts four stakes races with the main event being the $500,000 Pimlico Special.

Pick your head up from your Derby handicapping sheet, and check out the races at your local tracks. The Triple Crown is fun and exciting, but it is only 3 races. Go root on your local jockeys and home bred horses for the other 362 days a year!


Handride said...

baloo, i wrote that post in February, are you reading my blog in a time warp? Hey the Derby is in 3 weeks, hopefully you catch up by then ;)

Tote Board Brad said...

Yeah, Patrick, but the bug boys know how to use spell check.

Handride said...

February has an "r" in it, doesn't it?

hey Baloo check this post this is my whole idea wrapped up in one post.


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