Friday, April 28, 2006

Jorge Chavez

I Saw this article in the Thoroughbred Times, and began to daydream. I was think about the first time I saw Jorge "Chop Chop" Chavez ride at Belmont Park. I believe that this jockey is the reason I love horse racing. His aggressive riding style, and antics with the stick, made him stand out. Unfortunately, since his 2001 winners circle photo with Monarchos, his career has been plagued with bad luck and injuries. I hope to see Jorge rise to greatness again, and Monmouth Park would be a great place to start.



Tote Board Brad said...

I'll never forget that 2001 Derby call "Jorge Chavez gets busy on Monarchos," and then "he's pulling away by two, he's pulling away by three". And the big fisish: "Jorge Chaves atop the Kentucky Derby winner, Jorge Chavez ON TOP OF THE WORLD!!!!!"

I had Monarchos to win, the cold exacta, Invisible Ink to place, and a worth trifecta with Monarchos-Congaree-Invisible Ink. Cold. I didn't put IE in the 2 slot in that tri, which paid ~10k if memory serves. I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for chop chop after that.

Dr. Fager said...

I have a different image of "Chop Chop". It's an ordinary weekday race and he'a ahead by five or six inside the sixteenth pole - and he's still banging away on the horse (and I had the horse so this is not sour grapes).


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