Sunday, April 30, 2006

Funny Cide

Congratulations Funny Cide on your return to the winner's circle! It's been a long time and we're glad to see you back. It was a fun race to watch and it was very generous of you to let your competitors think that they had a chance before you put it away. I hope the unfortunate nickname that the Aqueduct track announcer was using doesn't stick. The "Gutsy Gelding" is not something that I think you want to be remembered as. Don't worry about the people that say it was a New York bred affair that only had four competitors. A win's a win and you took it.

Now go have that conversation with Showing Up that Barclay wants you to have. I'm sure he can learn from your experiences.


Anonymous said...

Gutsy Gelding is his nickname and has been for years, it has already stuck. Gold and Roses was a solid foe and it gives him a confidence boost. Now, if only the wouldn't throw him to the wolves again he might continue to win. He tackled NY breds but he isn't ready for Lava Man just yet. I say, stick to the NY bred races.

Baloo said...

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