Monday, April 17, 2006

(Nnn) Napravnik News Network

The Bug Boys have decided to change the blog name to (Nnn) "The Napravnik News Network". Well not really, but it would not be a shock to any of our regular readers. Today, the Washington Post jumped on the already crowded Napravnik bandwagon (driven by The Bug Boys). This is a good article by John Scheinman. He reminds us that Rosie is the top female jockey in the country, and will still be able to win after she looses her bug (apprentice status).

You can also listen to an interview with Rosie from this weekend on TVG's Thoroughbred Connection.
Click this link to be directed to the interview.

1 comment:

Alan H. said...

I noticed that a good number of our hits are from web surfers Googling "Rosie Napravnik". Our blog is the 3rd result for that search. Jessica Chapel has the 8th result, but she references the Bugboys so I guess we can get credit for that one too!


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