Monday, June 19, 2006

It's Not Over 'Till It's Over

Which was a worse dissapointment last weekend?

Phil Mickelson...

Or Perfect Drift?

Both of them gave away huge wins by letting their guard down too early.

Congratulations to Geoff Ogilvy and Seek Gold.


Anonymous said...

Perfect Drift didn't do anything wrong. Mark Guidry should have known not to take the lead too early, he needed a target, and instead he was one. Seek Gold was ridden perfectly by Calvin Borel, he gave him them the time to let the others tire, and unleashed a powerful move down the center of the stretch, that was the way I imagined the race would unfold, just not the horse I thought would do it. Hey, Calvin Borel "told you so" I guess we just weren't listening. That was classic Calvin Borel, he'll wait 'til the very last moment if he needs to, Mark was just too anxious.

alan said...

Great comparison!


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