Monday, June 05, 2006

Monday Thoughts

> Carolina Panthers Quarterback Jake Delhomme - He and his family raise and race thoroughbreds. He once tried to name a horse "Concussion" after he got beaten up pretty well in a game. That name was taken so he settled on "Woozy".

> John Velazquez - This is one tough guy. He "suffered a fractured collarbone, partially collapsed lung, torn shoulder ligaments and bruised ribs" and he's back winning just 7 weeks later. Pound for pound, jockeys are the toughest guys (and ladies) out there.

> Steve Byk - A while back I wrote about how much I like the show "At the Races and Beyond" on Sirius Satellite Radio. The show keeps getting better every day and I think it has a lot to do with Steve Byk. He comes across as so genuine and so endearing. He seems like a guy that you really want to hang out with and just talk about racing. Now I just have to start betting based on his handicapping and I may change my results at the window.

> Rosie - When she isn't domintaing the Pimlico meet, she moonlights at Delaware Park. In 26 mounts, she has 3 wins, 5 seconds and a third. Not too bad for a second job. She is competing against Ramon Dominguez, Jeremy Rose, Stewart Elliott and a lot of other talented riders but she is competitive when she rides half decent horses. She is outta' Maryland soon. Sorry Baloo.

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