Friday, June 02, 2006

Quick Hits

> Silver Train to Vinery after racing career - You can be sure that the racing career doesn't have much time left. Another popular star whose racing life will be cut short. I understand the economics. I just don't like it.

> Ron Ellis says Declan's Moon looks Awesome - I just can't wait to see Declan on the track. So far, his training has gone smoothly. Mr. Ellis says he may get in a race after he has 5 more workouts.

> NYRA reaches out to horsemen - The NYRA franchise expires 12/31/07. It is expected that for-profits, non-profits and joint ventures will all be bidding for the franchise. I don't understand many of the issues, but I am certain that this is going to be really ugly and will ultimately be bad for New York racing.

> Rosie Napravnik - Rides to a 19-length win in the 4th at Pimlico on Thursday. The horse was claimed for $15,000 by a happy new owner. It seemed to me that Rosie was in a bit of a slump, but that is because she is winning only one race a day. She has set the bar so high that even a good performance seems like underachievement.

I don't know why....but I find these quotes about Barbero funny......

"In a case such as Barbaro's, his medical team would plan and monitor physical therapy with breeding in mind," she said. "Amazing things have been done to accommodate disabled breeding stallions, from custom-built breeding ramps to supportive splints or casts, to medications that reduce the amount of effort required. But in most cases, simple old-fashioned careful attention to detail, such as highly skilled stallion and mare handlers who can allow the stallion to compensate for his limitations, good athletic surfaces, and a breeding schedule customized to the stallion's fitness and fertility, can help sports injured stallions enjoy remarkably normal and successful breeding careers."

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Anonymous said...

When Silver Train has horses running, remember to only bet them at Belmont, otherwise they'll lose to claimers.


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