Saturday, September 09, 2006

Back to Belmont

It was a beautiful day for my return to Belmont on day 2 of the meet. 80 degrees and three Grade 1's. I took a few interesting pictures that you will not see in the mainstream media. I hope Mr. Paulick stops by our blog to see what many of our group are trying to tell him.

Here is Barclay Tagg giving Cornelio Velasquez his instructions before the $500,000 Man o' War Stakes.

Here is Barclay explaining to Gretchen and Roy Jackson why Showing Up couldn't do better than 3rd in the above-mentioned race

And here is Julien Leparoux. As he was heading out between the 9th and 10th races, he was willing to autograph everything you put in front of him and take pictures with anyone who asked.

Unfortunately, the picture of Julien and me came out too fuzzy to publish. My friend had a little difficulty operating my camera. Julien was such a class act. He is just what racing needs.


John said...

Nice shots and you're right Alan. It would be nice if BH published a few pics with different subject lines.

Tote Board Brad said...

Yeah, these are sharp. On the rare few chances I've had to try to snap pics of high end connections--never have they turned out like this. Well done. I love getting the first hand report, and the pics to illustrate.


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