Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Often the stories we write are about graded stakes, successful sires, and outstanding performances. Tonight, I want to share with you the story of a great sportsman and fine gentleman.

When we first met, he was a small modestly bred yearling colt. The friendliest, sweetest horse on the farm. The kind of horse that would walk a hundred yards across his field to say hi (even if I forgot to bring carrots that day). As he trained for his racing debut, he continued to grow as an athlete and a gentleman. Never rank, and always ready to breeze. His racing career started in November of his 2 year old year (2005). He ran twelve times before his start on Tuesday night. He jumped out of the gate first and ran in the lead pack. With one furlong to go, he started to make his move. As his legs powered forward his heart began to weaken. His driving strides turned to a weak gallop as the field pulled away from him. Doing what he was bred to do, he galloped to the finish line. After crossing the line, the jockey jumped off his back, knowing that something was not right. Only after everyone was safe and he could harm no other, he fell. Like a good sportsman, he left it all out on the field. On that cool September night, your body lay lifeless on the track in that small Pennsylvania town.

You taught me so much about this crazy game.

I always like the races, but you showed me how to love the horses.

Thanks Buddy.....I will miss you!


ky joe said...

wow, very nice tribute. the horse in horse racing is what keeps me intrigued by the sport. once you are around them, up close, you can't help but be absolutely amazed by these fantastic creatures.

Anonymous said...

I met Haldy at Country Life Farm visiting other partnership horses. He was a trooper. I'm sorry for your loss.


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