Monday, October 23, 2006

ESPN Commentators to wear jockey silks.

According to this article the commentators for the November 4th Breeders Cup (on ESPN) will appear in jockey silks. Now this is not a tremendous stretch for Jerry Bailey, or even Jeanine Edwards. I think the fun starts when they show Kenny Mayne, and Randy Moss. The full out belly laugh comes in when they turn to Hank Goldberg. I cant wait, this is only going to make the coverage even better!


Tote Board Brad said...

HA! Hammerin' Hank in that's funny.

Dave said...

I've seen Kenny Mayne in silks before in a SportsCenter intro segment. Really! It was right after the Belmont one year, when he was returning to the SC anchor desk. So it won't be that much of a stretch. Goldberg should not be in silks--that's going to be scary. ;)



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