Saturday, November 18, 2006

Soundness Index for Sires ??????

Byron "The Pedigree Guru", has a great post about the creation of a sire soundness index, and this thoughts.
Check it out, it is good reading!

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jballscalls said...

Hey i got your comment on my page, thanks for reading!!! i just started reading yours, great job. good to meet ya!

Anonymous said...

horse soundness is a function of training. end of story.

Anonymous said...

It is not solely a function of training, although it is indeed a major component that deserves further exploration (which we've got quite a bit of at my work, as it happens).

There are some very obvious soundness issues that have been bred into the modern racehorse (at least in the US) that are masked by medication (notably bleeding) but are certainly affecting the overall health of the breed. It cuts both ways, unfortunately.

I would love to see a soundness index -- while it might include unavoidable injuries like Barbaro's or Pine Island, it would at least be a useful baseline source of information.

Baloo said...

Apparently "Anonymous" has never studied any genetics. I am not going to say that soundness is 100% attributed to breeding, but I will say that some percentage of soundness is passed through genes. I agree, that training does play a role, but it is not all about training.


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